Healing Through The Power Of The Mind

At Starting Line Physical Therapy we focus on healing through physical activities that promote long term physical health, but there are many ways our bodies heal. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help patients with chronic pain: 

"The practice of mindfulness meditation was used in a 10-week Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program to train chronic pain patients in self-regulation. The meditation facilitates an attentional stance towards proprioception known as detached observation. This appears to cause an “uncoupling” of the sensory dimension of the pain experience from the affectivel evaluative alarm reaction and reduce the experience of suffering via cognitive reappraisal. Data are presented on 51 chronic pain patients who had not improved with traditional medical care. The dominant pain categories were low back, neck and shoulder, and headache. Facial pain, angina pectoris, noncoronary chest pain, and GI pain were also represented. At 10 weeks, 65% of the patients showed a reduction of ≥33% in the mean total Pain Rating Index (Melzack) and 50% showed a reduction of ≥50%. Similar decreases were recorded on other pain indices and in the number of medical symptoms reported. Large and significant reductions in mood disturbance and psychiatric symptomatology accompanied these changes and were relatively stable on follow-up. These improvements were independent of the pain category. We conclude that this form of meditation can be used as the basis for an effective behavioral program in self-regulation for chronic pain patients."- Jon Kabat Zinn PhD excerpted from: An outpatient program in behavioral medicine for chronic pain patients based on the practice of mindfulness meditation: Theoretical considerations and preliminary results. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0163834382900263

Below is a guided mindfulness meditation video to help you get started. Physical therapy is important to healing but adding in mediation into your daily regime could have positive benefits to your overall physical and mental health.