Discover "The Fountain Of Youth" With Aquatic Physical Therapy

For centuries, the fabled “fountain of youth” has lured explorers in search of its powerful waters. As the legend goes, anyone who drinks or bathes from this mythical fountain will have an endless lifetime of youthfulness. While such a place is yet to be discovered, it is likely that there is a “fountain of youth” right in your community. For the person with arthritis or fibromyalgia, your local YMCA, Rec Center or Physical Therapy clinic just may be housing your “fountain of youth” in the shape of a pool.
Sue’s Story
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a patient named “Sue.” Sue was in her late 60’s and about ten years earlier had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an often painful autoimmune disorder leading to inflammation of multiple joints. By the time I met Sue, she had ceased exercising out of fear for making her joint pain and inflammation worse. She had lost a great deal of mobility and was disappointed that she could no longer keep up with her young grand children. Following her physical examination, Sue’s first physical therapy treatment session was held in a 90-degree therapy pool. Within minutes of entering the water, Sue found that she was able to stand, walk and even squat without pain in her often sore knees. “Today is the first time I’ve been able to walk without pain in the past five years,” said Sue, following her first appointment.
Over the following six weeks, Sue made great progress with aquatic physical therapy. She learned to do an independent water exercise routine which she still does religiously two times per week at her community pool. Sue also gained the confidence to begin exercising out of the water and transitioned to a gentle program of strength, flexibility and walking exercise to do at home. While Sue does still have some pain in her joints from time to time, thanks to aquatic physical therapy she can now exercise regularly and play with her grand kids without worry. Simply put, she got her life back. Read more here...